At the age 10 Alok Johri declared to his mother that he would grow up and be an artist. He never changed his mind.

In 1986, he visited the Arts School in Lucknow to study paintings. Determined to be a part of this intensity, he appeared for the entrance and topped. To his surprise, just after his first year, the Head of Fine Arts told him not to study painting any more. ‘You are a born artist; you don’t need to learn how to paint. Instead learn how to earn a living’. The young Alok took his professor’s advice and switched to Applied Arts to study graphics and photography, both of which earned him a very successful rolex career, with advertising and design agencies, and clients across the globe.

Being a member of the European Press Agency, his work has been published in publications the world over.

Then a decade ago, he left the corporate citadels and headed for the seaside, where he gave in to a surge from within. To paint. And a storm followed. His work is vociferous and tumultuous and untamed, and follows no rules or no logic.

Alok never stopped painting through these years. He has had many shows across the country. Large selections of his work are now in private collections in Europe, India and US. Alok has also been giving lectures on Visual Arts at various design schools and universities across the country as a guest faculty.

He now lives in Goa and paints. The kind of life he knew he’d lead, right from the time he was 10.